Borey O’Svay

Borey O’Svay

Borey O’Svay is located in O’Savy commune of Thala Borivath district and is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations for both local Cambodians and foreign tourists wishing to experience an authentic Khmer community. 

The Borey O’Svay resembles an emerald gem rising up in the heart of a green, tropical forest lying along a mighty river. It serves as a peaceful preserve for wildlife, especially birds, and also serves as a major fish breeding area along the Mekong during the rainy season. There are also lots of dolphins which are very popular with the tourists.

A white sand beach presents itself along the river when the river contracts during the dry season. Many channels form, some of them fast and some of them slow flowing. The green mango forest can then be seen form the riverside along with some natural stone outcroppings. 

Along this beautiful river beaches and stunning channels, it is often possible to find the foot prints of wild animals that have been browsing for food during the nights.

There are clear water rapids and a waterfall about five meters high. The rapids provide a wonderful, attractive place for everyone to bathe and swim.

Along the Mekong River in O’Svay commune, the Ramsa wetland conservation area is protected by law as a special breeding zone for spawning hundreds of special of fish, birds and other wildlife. Also included along the river are many kinds of trees, furnishing the area with a unique ecology.

The roads linking once village to another are under total evergreen canopy and cross streams and channels. This jungle area is preserved as a paradise for wildlife Trekkers and bikers can hear the natural music of songbirds and sometimes can spot other wildlife along these trails.

The O’Svay commune comprises 5 villages (O’Svay village, O’Run, Koh Phnov, Koh Hib, and voeun Sien village), covers over 120,000 hectares and includes four islands. It has population of 6,581 persons, 80% of whom are farmers and fishermen. The rest are local trade’s people along the border of Cambodia and Laos. O’Svay commune is located 57 kilometers by National Road No.7, and can be rich by Mekong River to the northwest of Stung Treng town. 

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